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"Dirt Rider", March 1, 2013



Jimmy Lewis


Not having to carry a tool to adjust the powervalve on your 250 or 300cc KTM/Husaberg is a pretty neat way to tune and adjust the power delivery. Kreft Moto makes that possible with this $90 tool that installs in minutes. You just remove the powervalve adjuster cover and swap out the stock threaded piece with this aftermarket one, then attach the handle with the supplied pin and C-clips. It takes all of 10 minutes. The Kreft part gives the same amount of adjustment as the stock adjuster, about six turns, but now you don’t need a special tool.

Originally we were worried about the part hanging too far outside the case, but even still it is well behind the expansion chamber. It is nevertheless a bigger target if tipping the bike onto rocks. It is simple to just give the handle a twist to change the spring preload on the powervalve and alter the power delivery a bit with each half turn. We all preferred the setting within two turns from full-out no matter which inner spring we were running; this was the maximum full power but changed the bottom power ramp-up a noticeable amount (smoother or more abrupt, depending on which spring was inside the case). The only other issue was that it wept transmission oil just a bit out of the threads as the O-ring seal wasn’t as tight as the stock part. And we also were turning it a lot, on the dyno and on the track. This also seemed to allow the adjuster to slightly spin on its own sometimes where it seemed to index itself so the handle was hanging down and level with the ground even if it was set at 90 degrees to the ground. As ours was an early part, the O-ring has since been upped in size, which cures these issues. We’d opt for a smaller handle as well. But if you are a tinkerer and if you want to make quick, tool-less, during-ride powervalve adjustments on your KTM 250/300, this is a great part for that.


Adam Booth

The Kreft may seem like an overpriced gimmick, but after spending a lot of time riding with it and using it, it makes a lot more sense. Carrying a tool, stopping to retrieve it and then using it takes time. The Kreft tool is quick and easy.


Installation 19/20

Function 48/50

Durability 7/10

Design 8/10

Price 7/10




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