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"Dirt Rider", March 1, 2013


LARGE-CAPACITY TANKS $359.95–$449.95

Jimmy Lewis


Do you aspire to do super-long rides in remote places where fuel range is an issue? Well, Acerbis may be the answer if you have a bike it makes a large-capacity fuel tank for. The tanks range in fuel capacity from 5.3 gallons all the way to just shy of seven gallons. Most are basically bolt-on operations, especially on KTMs. Some, like on Hondas for instance, come with a lower reinforcement that grabs the lower front of the tank and braces it to the frame with a supplied mount that typically attaches to one of the motor frame mounts. There are also additional petcocks, which are included, and you utilize your stock one in the nearest location to the standard position. And your stock FI pump will just bolt right in on bikes so equipped. Routing the additional fuel lines and plastic Y connectors (included as well) is a careful process to keep them away from hot parts in the engine compartment.

The tanks are acceptably thin between the legs, not much wider than stock, and don’t really begin getting wide until they extend out by the radiators. The majority of the fuel is carried low in the tank, and it isn’t until the last couple of gallons that it is stored higher than stock. Acerbis has done a very good job of keeping the fuel as low as possible without resorting to the use of a fuel pump. The tanks look more massive than they feel for most riding, especially on two-track and less technical trail. And when you ride standing on the pegs you can hardly tell the tank is bigger if you don’t look down. But sit down and try and stick a leg out, motocross style, and the width at your knee is apparent. When full you can feel the additional weight, but when you have under three gallons in any of the tanks the bike actually handles and rides lighter, just don’t sit down!

About the only issue we have is with the fuel lines and plastic connectors, which aren’t as high-quality as we feel they should be if venturing way out in the sticks where these tanks will allow you to go. With close to three times the fuel capacity of a stock tank you can expect nearly 200 miles in range on most bikes. The Acerbis tanks are a bit of a bargain in the large gas tank market and can usually be swapped out in about 30 minutes if you want to switch back to your smaller tank.


Installation 19/20

Function 48/50

Durability 8/10

Design 9/10

Price 9/10




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