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"Dirt Rider", March 1, 2013


Photo: Shan Moore

“Six Days is hands-down my favorite race of the year. Why? Several reasons. It’s held in a different country every year, so I get to visit different venues. It’s six days long, so I have a chance to shoot many different locations to get a greater variety of shots. Being a world championship, there are people from all over to meet or renew friendships and listen to a variety of languages. And being a world championship, it’s the chance to witness the best off-road racers in the world in one place at one time.”

— Mark Kariya, freelance motojournalist

“I would say the Wyoming National Enduro. I’m from Pennsylvania and it’s pretty cool racing new stuff, and the Wyoming race is a lot different from what I’m used to riding, plus it has some unreal scenery.”

 — Shane Hufford, top-10 National Enduro racer

“I always like Lakewood, Colorado, because it feels like home. The track is fun and the facility itself has come a long way in a short amount of time. It’s by far my favorite.”

 — Andrew Short, L&Mc Chaparral Honda SX/MX racer and Colorado native

“The Unadilla GNCC because that is the best course on the schedule. That track has two motocross tracks incorporated into it, plus all the different grass tracks. It’s faster and wider than the other GNCC courses, and you always get the best racing there.”

 — Nate Kanney, GNCC racer

“X Games Enduro-X is my favorite race, hands down. The amount of exposure is insane, and I got a silver medal!”

 — Cody Webb, Beta EnduroCross racer and 2010 U.S. national trials champ

Digital Dirt: The Las Vegas EX series final turned out to be a banger. Enjoy this photo gallery from the event. http://www.endurocross.com/photos/endurocross-las-vegas-photo-gallery/#ff20753d06

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