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"Dirt", December 1, 2012


I headed up on Friday for the last two days of racing to shoot some photos and on Saturday to hand out our $150 DIRT ACTION Holeshot awards. I was extremely impressed with the calibre of riders at the event and there were quite a few standouts while I was there. Some have cleaned up titles; others missed out by a whisker.


The Yamaha Junior Racing rider had some tough competition in the 12–U14yrs 85cc class. He entered the final moto of the day and led the race early. After the rider in second went for an aggressive move, almost taking Todd down, he backed it down, let him past and rode to a smooth and smart second position, earning him the Australian championship. Wilson would be one of the smallest riders in the 125cc class but still claimed a race win. If it wasn’t for a big high-side in the last race, he’d have also stood on the podium on the big bike.


Richie Evans had full crowd support as he entered the final race of the day in the 15yrs 150cc two-stroke class. Joel Wightman was one point ahead and it was Evans’ chance to take the title from Wightman. He got a bad start and rounded out the first lap way down the pack. He fought back to third but Wightman was gone. Evans would finish second after a strong fight, four points shy of Wightman.


The LooseKid-supported number 666 entered the final moto of the day in the box seat of the 7–U9yrs 50cc class. He led early until a crash left his bike unable to restart. The young fella kicked and kicked as 50cc riders passed him, one after another. It was a tough break for the impressive Jasyn Roney but he managed to cross the line, scoring enough points for third overall.


I’d never met Joel before and was extremely impressed with the quiet rider from NSW. He struggled to get good starts and went like a man possessed to charge back to the front of the field. Some of the passes he made left me amazed. After he claimed the 15yrs 150cc two-stroke championship, he fist-pumped the air across the line, revved his YZ in celebration and then quietly sat in the shade as his parents and team congratulated him. He’s a mild-mannered kid with an amazing talent on a motorcycle.


Alex finished second to Jett Lawrence in every moto leading up to the last race where he blasted to the lead early on lap one. His KTM65 broke traction on the up ramp of a tabletop and Larwood was thrown into a violent and spectacular high-side. He slowly got to his feet and rode his bent and buckled KTM65 to the finish. Unfortunately, he would miss the podium after such a consistent start to the week.

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