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"Dirt", December 1, 2012



“I started the day really confident. I’ve been preparing well and there was a real good positive vibe in the pits all day. I decided I was going to jump the rhythm section after the first turn if I got a good start. I got a good start and committed to the jump but Mossy didn’t jump it and we came together. We’ve spoken a couple of time since and we’re OK. I feel bad for him but I was committed to the jump and there was nothing I could do to avoid it. My bike was a little banged up and I had to race with my front brake lever twisted high but I was able to fight back to seventh. I’m happy with the way I was riding and I feel like I’m ready for a podium. I’d really like to thank my mechanic Lachlan and the whole team for all of their efforts. I’m looking forward to the next round.”


“I felt OK going into the main event. My heat race went well but I knew I had to pick up a second per lap to run up front. For the first time in many years, the main event was a traditional Supercross format with 20 laps.” [With a less than average start, Boyd struggled to find his groove and couldn't ride at the pace of the riders who were leading the race and settled for his 8th place finish.] “After Saturday night’s race, I feel we need to keep working on the handling of my bike to help me feel more comfortable in those conditions. In the weeks leading up to this round, everything was perfect. My bike was great, the tracks I have been riding on are the best around and I really felt like I was where I needed to be, I just struggled on the tighter track and the hard dusty surface.”


“The result was terrible and not what I wanted but I did learn a lot, as this was my first real professional race. I need to stand my ground better on the opening lap and not get pushed around and I also need to keep my head and not lose my cool. It can only get better from here and I’m sure round two will be much better for me.”


“All in all I’m happy with second. I’ve made a good solid start to the series so I’m happy. I would’ve liked a few more laps out there tonight because I reckon I could’ve got him [Gavin Faith]. My fitness is on point [and] my bike setup is great, so I’m on the right track. There are a few things I feel I can work on and come out at the next round and get that next step better on the podium.”

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