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"Dirt", December 1, 2012


• Trying to go soft on the stock KLX suspension to get a comfortable feel will cause it to suffer on the trails, particularly with pushing in corners. We went everywhere with the clickers but found middling all of them worked best.

• The brakes are pretty good but a set of quality discs and braided brake lines are a fair investment for the KLX.

• The frame gets scuffed and discoloured pretty quickly so consider some sort of a frame guard. Works Connection does a cool aluminium set.

• Trail Tech does a good replacement for the clunky sidestand.

• Fasten a zip tie to the well-hidden choke button. That’ll make it easier to find and pull.

• Fit radiator guards. The petcock is in a position that could see it punched into the radiator.

• Fit a better-quality chain slider to eliminate some of the chain chatter.

• Buy a better-quality air filter and look at opening the airbox a little by removing the snorkel so it breathes better. Re-jet accordingly.

• Richard Hair from Inskip Kawasaki at Toronto (NSW) clued us up on some jetting specs he’s found useful. According to Richard, running the main at the 165–168 region and the Pilot at 48 is the go.

• For more info from a guy who won the 2003 Yamaha World Technician Grand Prix and spends all day with his hands in Kawasakis, contact Inskip Kawasaki on (02) 4950 4099 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

• Try a bigger set of footpegs or even a set of Pivot Pegz.

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