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"Dirt", December 1, 2012


with brett metcalfe

I ’m well underway now with rehab on my broken tibia and dislocated wrist, both of which required surgery. I’m now the recipient of a titanium rod which sits in my tibia (shin) bone, holding it in place. I’ll be sure to set off some airport security alarms with this new hardware as my past attempts with a plated collarbone and thumb have failed poorly every time. Really, I’m trying to look on the bright side with this!

Day by day I’m progressing. I lost a lot of strength and muscle tone early in the recovery period, leaving me with a leg like that of an African long-distance runner, while my good side seemed the size of Hulk Hogan’s back in his heyday. I’ve been working on my stability strength first in my leg, which is important to establish before you progress too far. So far my legs are a little more even on either side, but the Hulk definitely has me covered still.

My wrist has been more complicated as it’s a very delicate injury that takes time. My range of motion was very limited after surgery so a lot of stretching and modalities were on the treatment plan at first. They kinda feel like you’re doing a major stretch on your hammies; just as you’re about to max out, somebody leans on your back and gives you a little extra boost.

I started out doing very simple things like placing small matchsticks in holes and gripping a foam ball. At first that was very challenging for me but I’m now movin’ on up to the one-pound dumbbell range and knockin’ out 50 reps! Now, that’s crushing it. Sure makes you feel a long way away from grippin’ and rippin’ a 450 around the race track.

As with all things, it takes time and a great deal of patience. I’m currently a bit over the halfway point till I can hop back on the bike, so there’s still a bit to go for me. My return to supercross at this point is uncertain. It might be a year while I sit out SX and prepare for an outdoor assault to allow my body the time necessary to get healthy and strong again. We’ll see how it all goes when we get to that point.


I’ll be looking to lock down my ride for next year, hopefully real soon, as that’s currently up for negotiations. Looks as though the team I’ve been on the past couple years, Factory Suzuki, will be taking on James Stewart fulltime next year, which leaves me looking for a spot elsewhere.

I’m in negotiations with a few teams and potentially looking at something on my own; either way it’s looking strongly like I’ll be racing in a new colour next year. It was a shame to end my days at Suzuki the way I did as we had some great moments, but it’s showed me how important a good team and people are to have around you. A mistake like the one they made could well have been extremely costly to me, yet they haven’t acknowledged that at all even by saying the simplest of words: “We’re sorry”. So, whatever comes of it, I’ll be looking ahead to what the future holds — just not sure what that is yet.

I want to acknowledge the great effort of the boys who represented Australia this year at the MxoN: Lawson Bopping, Luke Styke and Todd Waters. That had to be the gnarliest track they’d ever competed on and they held up incredibly well against those conditions and competition.

It was hard to sit back and watch as I really wanted to race that event this year in the sands of Lommel in Belgium. I love sand tracks and rough, nasty conditions. But I was really proud to watch those three guys, relatively unknown on the world scene, holding their own against the world’s best and putting Aussie in the mix as always. Great job, fellas. Keep working hard at it and go for your dreams!

On a final note, just had my old man come visit us for four weeks and Nash got to meet his Pops for the first time. Was really cool getting to spend time with him and watching the next generation of Metty hanging out with my dad. We built a sweet bookcase for Nash’s room and we even got adventurous and went for a mountain bike ride with the old boy! Just ask him about it if you see him ... ha ha!

Ride hard, ride safe!

— BM24

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