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"Die Cast X", October 1, 2012


10 228 Ford Stake Bed

Candy blue metallic, chrome Malaysia base, asw-5sp

9 102 Road Rocket

Dark gold chrome body, metal Malaysia base, 5 dot wheel

8 204 Ferrari 360 Modena

Black metallic with matching black metallic painted metal Malaysia base, asw-5dot

7 45 Mo’ Scoot — 2001 First Editions 33/36

Day-glo orange transparent body, blue tint metal Malaysia base & front end, raised silver HW logo on top of foot board

6 108 Dodge Charger R/T

Metallic purple, black plastic Malaysia base, black interior, pr5 wheel

5 25 Lotus M250 — 2001 First Editions 13/36

Candy gray, black plastic “LOTUS M250” Malaysia base, silver painted “Lotus” on rear with silver HW logo

4 36 Toyota Celica — 2001 First Editions 24/36

Lighter yellow color, black plastic front grille & vents, asw-pr5 wheel

3 129 Slide Out

Day-glo yellow body, blue plastic Malaysia base, bright yellow in tampos, bright green in side stripes, pr5 wheel

2 159 Cabbin’ Fever

Green metallic, gray plastic Malaysia base, red “Hot Wheels” & white “Transport” on side of black plastic rear ramp

1 55 ’57 T-Bird — Turbo Taxi Series 3/4

Yellow enamel, chrome Malaysia base, no porthole in roof

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