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"Die Cast X", October 1, 2012


JADA TOYS Ford SVT Raptors

Andy Goodman

1:24 | $20 each

It’s a good bet that Ford had mayhem in mind when its SVT division designed the Raptor back in 2009. Based on the F-150 platform, the Raptor takes that classic workhorse to a new level, with a full menu of off-road goodies that give the testosterone-injected beast capabilities most enthusiasts can’t wait to explore. Exploring Jada Toys’ all new Raptor is easy in 1:24; the size allows collectors a chance to hold a piece of hi-po history that’s been kissed with the custom flair that Jada’s long been known for. In addition to the stock truck’s countenance, the model is loaded with a plethora of aftermarket parts, including a push bar, a full-size spare in the bed, and enough auxiliary lighting to send Morse code into space. Featuring opening doors and hood, and a moderately detailed interior and engine bay, this is a low-buck, high-fun way to get your hands on one of Ford SVT’s finest creations.


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