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"Classic Ford", July 15, 2013

Old Skool Ford Drag Challenge 2013

New recruits, entertaining burnouts, keen competition and great camaraderie — but only a short time to enjoy it all (thanks, weather!).

Words Jon Hill

Photo Jon Hill

Round 2: Street Nats, Santa Pod, May l2

There’s always one very frustrating round in the competition and this was it. Tons of can’t-be-helped delays meant the OSFDC competitors didn’t get on track until 1 pm. Even then, the weather looked daunting; with a sunny window until 2.30 pm when it was predicted that the heavens would open. And guess what? They did — almost exactly on time!

This meant that most of the competitors only got the minimum of rounds in — in fact Jeff Relph had yet more gearbox problems with his in his Mk1 Cortina giving the boy just one shot at a pass. Unfortunately, it was straight back on the trailer home.

On the other hand, Glenn Jefferson was storming, in fact we couldn’t stop the lad from making passes — he’s making hay while last year’s winner, Iain Sutton’s not around. Glenn definitely deserves a bit of credit — he’s a hard worker. The burnouts we get to witness are always extremely entertaining and the car’s consistent too — keep your eye on this one!

Colin Brick’s gorgeous Pro-Street Capri also did what it was born to do — perform on the strip! The car looks dead hard but in typical, proper race-car style, so don’t expect massive burnout smoke.

There was yet more drama from the Jenkins camp too — Kev’s Escort is destined for the 8s and it really looked like we were going to see them too. Here he gave it an extremely hard launch with a proper kick from the offside front wheel as it got a good brick’s depth of air under the tyre.

But the magical 8-second pass wasn’t to be. Mid-pass it was clear that all was not well as Kev — in true pro-racer style — edged the car off-line, towards the barrier to coast to the finish line with a truly annihilated prop! It’s testament to the quality of the car’s build that the two propshaft loops contained the damage, keeping it to a minimum.

“It’s done some of the tin work and bent the ladder bar,” sighed Kev, but without those safety devices, it could have dug-in and rolled... Still, he did get the best reaction time, though!

Every round the OSFDC gets new recruits and this one was no exception — read on to find out more... The thing is, the whole series is a laugh — the burnouts are getting longer and longer, currently the big competition’s between Glen Jefferson and Andy Jessup, with wife, Lee catching up fast.

Paul Margetts’ Escort seems to get quicker too — check that weight transfer as he dips well into the 10s in his Cosworth-powered stunner!

Frustrating maybe, but hopefully that’s it for this year and the round was a good ’un with loads more drama promised for the next one, which is at the all-important Classic Ford Show!


Old Skool Ford


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