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A supercharger is similar to a turbocharger in that it’s essentially a pump that compresses air. Unlike a turbo there are few variations of design, but they all work in virtually the same way. They take their drive from a belt that’s connected to a crank pulley, so as the engine revs increase the supercharger works harder. It means their delivery is much more linear, and changing pulleys allows for the ratio to alter and more boost to be developed. However, their major downside is heat-soak issues from continuous use.


Also known as the Zetec SE, the Sigma is an all-aluminium 16-valve Ford engine designed with Yamaha. It features a plastic inlet manifold, solid lifters, aluminium girdle support unit incorporating the main bearing caps, steel crank and powdered metal construction con-rods — despite that last fact, they’ll rev to around 8000 rpm. Introduced in 1995, capacities are 1241cc, 1388cc, 1596cc and 1700. The 1700 Puma engine features variable valve timing but comes in two formats: regular with 125 bhp at 6300 rpm and Racing Puma with 155 bhp at 6000 rpm. Performance components are increasingly available for the Sigma, including a full range of cams, adjustable cam pulleys, throttle body systems and dry sump set-ups.

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