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"Classic Ford", July 15, 2013



7s on a Mk2 Escort

Q I have some Compomotive CX alloys with the numbers ‘7.00x13x6.00 mm neg’ and I was wondering if these would fit on a standard Mk2 Escort. What the best tyres for them?

Adam Crowther

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A These rims should fit, though ideally you want a zero offset and yours look to be ET -6. The best thing to do is offer one up and see if it looks like it’ll clout anything — you’ll definitely have to roll the arch lips flat, and we showed how to do this in the November 2011 issue.

The best tyres for these wheels on a standard-arched Mk2 are 175/50R13s.

Fiesta project ideas

Q I have a Ford project and I’d like to have your opinion!

Last month I bought a 1980 Mk1 Fiesta and here in Italy this is very rare so I wanted to save it.

But I also want to make it more sporting, so can you give me any advice on what kind of alloy wheels, seats and so on I can install?

Marco Bellotti


A The Mk1 is a great base for a modified classic Ford, so you’ve made a good choice. It’s an easy car to tune and improve, but for an easy life, sourcing parts from the bigger-engined and more sporty models makes a lot of sense and will probably save you a few quid in the long run. So, using the 1600 engine, suspension and brakes from the XR2 makes for a great foundation for further tuning and uprating.

Choosing items like alloys wheels and seats is really down to personal preference and the look you want to give your car, but generally try and keep it looking period with 13-inch rims unless you plan on fitting bigger brakes.

For in-depth details on uprating the Mk1, download our guide from the Classic Ford website. Go to www.classicfordmag.co.uk and type ‘Fiesta tuning’ in the search box.

Anglia steering swap

Q I would like to know if you can advise me on what the tricks are to fitting Escort Mk2 front suspension to my Anglia 105E. I believe it’s possible but there are a few modifications to be done, is that right?

Also a friend of mine owns a Corsair and would like to fit Escort or Capri front suspension or combination of both — he is fitting an Essex 3-litre engine.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Michael Endrulenas

South Africa

A You can adapt the Escort front suspension to fit the Anglia but it’s a fair amount of work if you want it to work properly and safely. Both the Escort crossmember and steering rack need modifying, and you’ll need to change the top mounts as well as modify the track control arms and anti-roll bar from the Anglia — not something we’d recommend unless you know what you’re doing.

A far better bet is to buy and off-the-shelf kit — Old Ford Auto Services (OFAS) do one for the Anglia based on Escort parts, as do Milton, who favour using Mk2 Cortina struts.

As for the Corsair, again it’s better to use a kit for the steering rack swap and OFAS should be your port of call. They use the (modified) Escort crossmember but Capri struts. You’ll also need to modify the strut tops for the kit to work correctly. Your friend will also need to source a rear-bowl sump if the Essex is currently fitted with a front-bowl one.

681F vs 711M Crossflow

Q I’m lucky and have been able to acquire a large number of parts for free. Included was a complete 711M 1600 Crossflow engine.

I have a Mk2 Cortina which has the 681F block in it. My two simple questions are as follows: Can I use the 681F sump on the 711M, as I require a front bowl?

As I’m only looking at taking the 681F out to 1660cc and installing a road/rally cam, and modifying the vales to just past GT spec, is there any point in swapping it for the 711M? I was contemplating using the 711M for a BDA/Lotus project.

Mark Walker

New Zealand

A To answer your first question, yes the front-bowl sump will bolt straight up to the 711M, though remember you’ll need the matching oil pick-up pipe and dipstick, too.

While it’s widely recognised that the later 711M block is a stronger and better base for tuning, the early Crossflow block should be more than fine with that state of tune — we’re not talking sustained high revs here, and it in keeping with the age of the car, too.

Send in some photos of your Mk2 when the refreshed engine is done, plus some of the BDA or Lotus project, too!


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