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"Classic Ford", July 15, 2013


1 BDAs are old

People think modern engines are better, producing more power but fit modern engine management and EFi to a BD and they’re just as good — they were way ahead of their time.

2 They’re all peaky

Just because it’s a BD doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a racing engine with loads of power — they started with 120 bhp. Not all BDs are the same.

3 They’re unreliable

Depends who built it, how old, what the components are, how much work its done, whether it’s been abused — a well built engine shouldn’t be!

4 They leak oil everywhere

Again not if they’re built properly — experience tells you where they do and how to fix it but we don’t want ours leaking as it ruins the paint!

5 They’re expensive

They are brand new, but built right, they’re as reliable a race engine as you can get — insurance never came cheap!

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