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"Classic Ford", July 15, 2013



Mark Collis’ Pinto-powered Mk2 Cortina is now finished, and looking very much an Aussie classic Ford.



I was absolutely wrapped to see my Cortinas in your magazine (Readers’ Projects Special, February 2013 issue). You suggested that I love all models of Cortinas, but that’s not strictly true as I’m not a big fan of the Mk3s and Mk4s, as they are too heavy here in Oz, what with their cast-iron headed six-cylinder motors, though the alloy-headed sixes available in the Mk5s along with their plastic bumpers make a much better package.

I am finishing my Mk5 next — it just needs a tailshaft loop and a polish, and then my Mk1 will be a full rotisserie build over a long period as it’s my dream car and I want it perfect.

I will send you photos of the Mk5 when it’s finished.

Mark Collis

Brisbane, Australia

Rare rims

Here is possibly the only other set of US-market Escort GT wheels that are in the UK, which are the same as those on Bruce Holder’s Escort, which you featured in the March 2014 issue. I have just put them on my son, Kieron’s Mk2 Fiesta, which I have been using.

Simon Chappell


Classic Ford Tour

Just returned from another superb Classic Ford weekend away. Great cars, scenery, weather and visit to the remains of the Reims motor racing circuit, too. It’s excellent value. Isn’t it about time Simon did another trip?

Howard Law

Cortina Mk2 Owners’ Club

Over there

The best mag ever — I wish I could come over to the UK and see what you guys get up to on your cars! Our government slaps import duty on everything, which makes it difficult to get hold of and buy new issues. You must keep up the good work!

Nicholas Challis

Cape Town, South Africa

Old School

You know you’re getting old when you see Fords from your childhood in Classic Ford — and these are ‘80s Escorts. Cracking 200th edition, guys!

Davy Watters

Classic Ford on Facebook

Back out

You just made me very happy. I have been out of action for the last three days, after putting my back out, and completely unable to work on my Cortina, which has been getting me down.

However, I just received my Classic Ford mag in the post, along with the pullout photo mag. Just over halfway through flicking through all the beautiful images, and there is my baby! Chuffed to bits, and feeling much happier.

Now all I need is for my back to sort itself out, and I can get back out to the garage.

Michael Binning

Classic Ford on Facebook


I have this jigsaw puzzle and was wondering if anyone could shed any light on its origins? I have had it for 20 years and have never seen another one. I am thinking of selling it so would be interested to know what it might be worth.



Can anyone shed any light on this?

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