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"Classic Ford", July 15, 2013

Stick ‘em up

Give your classic Ford some extra security with Carole Nash

DNA+ scheme helps keep track of your car and parts.

Take out a classic or performance car insurance policy with Carole Nash, and they’ll send you one of their DNA+ coding kits worth £30.

The DNA+ system works by creating a unique identity for a vehicle which is linked to its owner. Users simply apply the solution — which dries clear, but contains both DNA and microdot technologies — to key areas of the car and any associated spare parts. If the car or any parts are stolen the police can use simple ultra-violet scanners to read the DNA+ code and find the legal owner’s details by cross referencing with a database to which they have 24-hour access.

For more details on the DNA+ scheme go to www.carolenash.com.

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