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"Bicycle Times", January 1, 2013


by Elly Blue

This book from blogger and zine publisher Elly Blue teaches how to seamlessly integrate riding a bike into your life, all the way from learning to ride to getting involved in bike advocacy. Her tone is welcoming and inclusive, relating her experiences and laying out options to consider rather than giving a cut-and-dry how-to. The way she shares revelations large and small, from “Bicycling changes the pace of your life” to how to clean a chain, makes even this experienced cyclist feel as if I’m being let in on valuable secrets, yet in a comfortable, informal way. My favorite piece of advice comes in the introduction: “You will at times encounter people who have strong, and often loud, opinions about every aspect of how you ride. ...Listen to them if you like, but don’t let their opinions and theories override your own experience, knowledge, and needs.” Heck yeah.

Blue is the author of bike blog Taking the Lane, and puts out an excellent quarterly zine by the same name. Past issues include “Our Bodies, Our Bikes,” relating women’s health to bicycling, and “Lines on the Map,” with a theme of emotional geographies.

Everyday Bicycling will be available December 1st through Blue’s site takingthelane.com, for $9.95. Subscriptions and back issues of Taking the Lane are also available there. –Karen Brooks

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