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"Bicycle Times", January 1, 2013



Here’s a collection of the latest in LED bike headlights, just in time for the dark winter months. We chose these particular models because they are the brightest self-contained, rechargeable, front-facing lights available from each brand tested.

While these lights are marketed towards commuters, “commuting” lights have gotten so bright these days that they’re good for all kinds of nocturnal adventures. Any of these lights can guide you in dark areas lacking the typical ambient urban light, and some are bright enough to use while touring, or even mountain biking, at night.

Much the same as Moore’s Law for computer processing speeds, the power of LEDs continues to increase, while prices remain about the same (or even go down, in some cases). Compare this crop of lights to the four we tested last year in issue #14 — the photos of the current lights in action are staged in the exact same alley so that the difference in the power of their beams is obvious. You can find those older reviews, along with our article on the science of LEDs, here: www.bicycletimesmag.com/lights.

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