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"Bicycle Times", January 1, 2013

LooptWorks Satu Jacket

By Trina Haynes


The Satu Jacket is a windbreaker trench coat not specifically designed with cyclists in mind, but its packability and style make it a bike-friendly option. The fact that it’s made of 100% repurposed material that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill is a big bonus.

As a windbreaker the jacket worked well. A nice, high collar and double-button closure comes up to my chin. The 100% upcycled polyester has an interior membrane — it let off a little bit of a funky scent, but subsided after a while. The thin material made it easy for the hood to fit under or over my helmet, but the hood fell short of covering the front of my head entirely. The tail length of my size large was 4” longer than the front. It snagged the saddle on any bike where a leg had to be thrown over the rear tire on dismount, so I would recommend this trench for step-through frame bikes. I made a point to sit on the tail to prevent any possibility of getting caught in the rear wheel, but letting it fly free a few times caused no problems — I just wanted to feel like I was wearing Superman’s cape.

The Satu squishes into a side pocket, packing down a little smaller than a football or a large sandwich. After I had the jacket stuffed into my bag all day, it came out still looking swank.

I would recommend this jacket for rides with a style priority in mind, and for anyone who’s into upcycling. The Satu will cost you $120. At that price it would be nice if the jacket had some water-resistance to it, like Modrobes Women’s Riding Jacket I tested in issue #16. Made in China. www.looptworks.com

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