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"Bicycle Times", January 1, 2013

Porta-Pack Wedge Pack

By Eric McKeegan


Besides being a huge bargain ($29 for a U.S.-made bag!?), this Porta-Pack bag is a simple and practical way to add storage to your bike. The Wedge pack straps into the front triangle and has room for about 90 square inches of stuff. For me that meant a small tool bag, mini U-lock, spare tube, and two cans of beverage with room to spare.

The zippers open easily, even when riding, and the big pulls work well with gloved hands. The materials and construction seem sturdy, although I did not like the elastic on the Velcro lashing straps. It made it harder for me to pull the bag taut, which helps to keep things from swaying around, but it wasn’t a deal-breaker.

For the price, this bag is hard to beat, although shorter riders need to beware of fit issues. The Wedge pack may be too long (20” across the top) to fit many smaller frames. I had no issues on a 57cm cyclocross bike and an 18” mountain bike, but frames much smaller than that may have trouble.

Should your frame be too small for the Wedge pack, Porta-Pack also makes a smaller, cylindrical frame pack (the Original Porta-Pack) and a pack that mounts to the top tube and seat post (the Post). There are plenty of other, more expensive frame bags on the market, and while they may offer more features, the Porta-Pack bags beat everything else in performance-to-price ratio. All three bags are made in the U.S.A. www.porta-pack.com

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