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"Bicycle Times", January 1, 2013



In this issue, we have an unusual take on the big annual bike industry trade show, Interbike — Stephen Haynes, our art director, made sketches of his impressions of the show. As you might guess, Interbike can get a little overwhelming, with nearly every conceivable bike-related product crammed into a cavernous exhibition hall. The giant amalgamation of stuff clamoring for attention can give one the impression that the bike biz is a whole lot of salesmanship with a lack of soul. But that is definitely not the case.

Spending the week talking to the people behind the products is rejuvenating — the event is like a big family reunion. Sure, we’re there to look at the latest and greatest, but those products, by and large, were conceived and brought to market by people who genuinely love to ride bikes, and who want to make it easier/faster/more fun for others to ride bikes. The jadedness and cynicism that can sometimes plague us disappears with good conversations, and of course, fun rides.

Remember this, next time you go shopping for new parts, accessories, or a new bike: you might encounter people who are ill-informed or perhaps jaded themselves, but by and large, no one is trying to rip you off — the entire bike business, from the CEOs to the kid helping you at the shop, wants you to ride more and to enjoy it.

– Karen Brooks, Editor

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