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"Baggers", September 1, 2012


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Vickies Need Lovin’ Too

Hey y’all!

I have been a subscriber for a while and like what you write and will continue to subscribe. I have owned most all brands of bikes and currently own two Victorys, an ’11 Cross Country and an ’05 Kingpin. I completely understand that Victory is a small portion of the market, but a growing one indeed. Regardless, I still love to see what they are doing with all the H-D bikes, especially the Road Glides.

There is a ton of stuff people are now doing with the Victory ’Cross bikes from big wheels up front to complete customs. You did show us the token Vision last month and I certainly appreciate seeing it. Every month I read about how to do engine work and mounting accessories on H-Ds, but never read a “How To” on Vics.

We have custom builders and parts makers like Lloyd’s Motor Works, KevinX, The Vic Shop, Witchdoctors, Kewlmetal, Barracuda Customs, Revolution Mfg., and Conquest Customs, just to name a few.

I am not affiliated with any of them, and am not trying to start an us-versus-them. I was a “them” a while ago and like what they are doing. Just looking for a broader reach in a good magazine.


Frank Coletto

Via the internet

Tail Feathers

Hi everyone,

A guy named Kevin wrote a note (“Letters from the Road,” July 2012) and sent in a photo of a show girl on his ride, calling it a “Bunny Bike.” Yes, the lady is beautiful but what caught my eye was the torpedo-like taillights on his ride! I want some for my bike. Can you help identify these cool lights?


Mike Ashley

Tulsa, OK

Those my friend are ’59 Cadillac taillights. They can be had at any type of hot rod shop or online at speedwaymotors.com.



I bought the latest mag and have to agree with letters to the editor saying screw the foreign coverage. The letter from James Matusek says it perfectly. Cover the USA and the riders of the USA and even H.O.G. events. I would also rather see customs by riders, not over-the-top $60k unrealistic motorcycles. Tech tips and Essentials is a great idea and I find them very useful.

I appreciate your listening.

Chuck Houck


Caught in the Act

Jeff, your article concerning proper m/c attire was spot on. I was surprised to see you without a comfortable pair of hand shoes. No Gloves? C’mon, you gotta know what road rash on you hands feels like!

Keep up the good work.


San Diego

Yeah, you caught me! The deal is this: I was shooting a bike with my camera while riding, so I didn’t have gloves on.

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