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"Baggers", September 1, 2012


TESTED BY: Jeff G. Holt

So, you have a couple of bikes, an old car, and an ATV, but only one batter charger? Yeah I know the deal. Not so long ago I plunked down a pretty penny for a single charger, and since then have had to swap it from vehicle to vehicle to make sure all my rides have juice when I want to ride or drive them. That was until I hooked up a Pulse Tech QuadLink four-channel battery charger multiplier to my current one-horse charger. That’s right ladies and gents, this beautiful piece of machinery plugs directly into your single-unit trickle charger with ease and lets you simultaneously charge up to four separate vehicles! The QuadLink lets you use any single 6- or 12-volt battery maintenance charger to charge a multitude of lead-acid batteries. The four-way switcher circuit is capable of charging the batteries individually connected or connected in a 24-, 36-, or 48-volt series. The QuadLink system charges the batteries sequentially in 10-minute intervals. The unit comes complete with a four eyelet lug adapter cables and four 5-foot extension leads making it an easy plug-and-play affair.


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