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"Baggers", September 1, 2012


WELL, FOR THE LAST six issues it’s been a blast being back in the world of baggers. So much has changed since I was at the magazine back in 2007. Big wheels, big engines, big boobs, and a ton of killer custom touring bikes being built all over the USA and beyond. I cannot tell you enough just how cool it is to see this bagger thing pass the phase of being a cult following and be the mainstream of the marketplace with no end in sight to what can be done to these bikes.

Hell, even I caught the customization bug while being back at Baggers and have mothballed my choloed-out “Lonely King” ’97 H-D and plunked down some big bucks on a ’12 Road Glide Custom so we could majorly modify it in the pages of this very magazine. On top of the motor murdering you will see in this issue, the Road Glide will be getting some motor work in the form of a 110 kit, bigger wheels, louder audio, and to top it off, a Pro Charger will be installed.

Well, that’s all well and good, because you can for sure see the progress of the bike in the magazine for months to come, but I am sorry to say that I won’t be around very much after this issue.

My absence is due to the fact that I have been called on to climb the corporate ladder of this here company. As of the last week, I was promoted to the position of editorial director of our magazine’s American Motorcycle Group, which is comprised of the Baggers, Hot Bike, and Street Chopper titles. So, I actually still will be involved with the magazine, but more as a manager and less as an editor.

I am leaving you in the very capable hands of Eric Ellis and Jordan Mastagni, the one-two punch of Hot Bike fame who are going to be the new editor-in-chief and editor of Baggers starting with next issue. These guys have many ideas of just what you, the reader, want to see and have decades of experience doing so. All I am going to say is just wait till you see what those gents have in store. More of the good stuff you already love and a ton of new content that you are going to flip out about!


Editor In Chief

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