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"Baggers", June 1, 2012

Readers’ RIDES

COMPILED BY: Baggers Staff

To see your bike here in an upcoming issue of Baggers, please provide a high-resolution photo — the bigger the better. Please leave out the neighbor’s minivan, trashcans, etc. Send in the year, make, and model of bike, detailed information about it, your name, city, and a description of you. To really get our attention, include a brief touring adventure or an epic ride story. Keep the pics and info coming to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


If you’d told Spokane, Washington’s Thomas Jimeno a year ago that he’d have his own Harley, he’d have laughed at you. Then one day, his dad got him to throw a leg over his ’06 Dyna FXD Super Glide for a quick run around the block. The big bike was a little daunting, at first. “I was a little intimidated to say the least, but never having left Second gear I made it just fine.” That led to a parking lot where they hold riding classes. Thomas would practice starting off without stalling, turning, and just becoming more familiar with the bike. Then his life was changed forever — his dad announced he is giving Thomas his bike! Next thing he knows he’s riding to work and taking small in town rides and grinning ear to ear. Dad wasn’t retiring from the road, though. He got a new 2012 Fat Boy and has had Screamin’ Eagle and Vance & Hines bells and whistles added. Their first ride together was to a local Cabel’s for a sandwich and then through the countryside surrounded by wheat fields and Mt. Spokane in the background. Thomas says words can’t express that ride but he’s sure others out there who get to share a ride with their fathers can understand. By the end of the summer his wife was in on the act, taking her first ride on the Dyna. “I don’t mean to brag but my wife is my best friend and has totally supported my new passion and to share it with her is a blessing beyond compare.


You gotta love the names Jeff Lloyd comes up with for his Glide. When we ran it in the June Readers’ Rides, it was “Skull Crusher.” Now the green machine goes by the moniker “Reaper’s Army.” Since that ish ran, Jeff’s had his motorcycle completely overhauled from the tank forward by Bagger Concepts. They’ve installed a Yaffe extended tank, Sinister ape hangers, new front fairing, front fender, and Sinister’s 26-inch Edge wheel. “My boy at BC did an unbelievable job and we still have some work to do!”


In the January issue, we said of Al Schiedel’s ’97 Road King that we wished we’d see more Evo-powered baggers and John Tramburg of Oxford, Wisconsin, took us at our word. This red monarch is his ’95 Road King. He bought it used in 1995 with 940 miles on it. As of November 15, it has 98,630 miles on the clock and he’s still riding to work on it. He’s been riding street motorcycles since 1981 but this is his first Harley. John’s ridden this bike through 34 states and four Canadian provinces. That may or may not make his bike THE king of the road, but it certainly makes it A king of the road. The basically stock 80-inch Evo has an Andrews EV-27 cam, JIMS lifters, Crane adjustable push rods and HI4E ignition, a modified CV carb, and a Don Hotop design/Samson exhaust. The paint was done 10 years ago by Steve Tuttle in the U.P. of Michigan and has held up really well. He says they’ll have to pry this bike from his cold, dead hands before he’ll give it up.


A man of few words, Charles Wiggins of Springfield, Ohio, had one simple instruction for us regarding his 2007 Road Glide: “Love your mag. Please put my bike in it.” In the time he’s owned the orange tourer, Charles has added a Bad Dad rear fender, Yaffe 23-inch front fender, and a Western Werks 23-inch wheel to the mix.

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