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"Baggers", June 1, 2012

The Lift Caddy

Steerable Wheels for Your Handy Lift

WORDS: Buck Lovell

PHOTO: Buck Lovell

The Jims Lift Caddy seen being installed here enables Handy Lift owners to be able to wheel their lift about WITH a motorcycle mounted. The steerable Caddy wheels can be adjusted so that when the lift is at its fully raised position and the safety bar engaged at the highest position, the wheels come in contact with the shop or garage floor surface. The lift can then be move very conveniently. With the lift in any other position, including all the way down, the lift remains immobile. Tre’ cool!

01 Raise the lift to its highest position. Here, two heavy-duty barrels were used to keep the lift platform raised as the lift air piston had the air bled off which lowered the under carriage.

02 As the air bleeds out of the lift cylinder the framework underneath will come down.

03 Install the U-shaped bracket onto the square tubing from the underside as shown. Install it in the middle with equal space on either side. Leave the bolts slightly loose at this time.

04 Install one of the heavy bent wheel brackets onto the U-shaped component using the hardware provided in the kit.

05 At the opposite end of the U-shaped piece install the remaining bent wheel bracket, again using the hardware in the kit.

06 Tighten all four bolts holding the assembly in place on the square tubing, making sure it is in the middle.

07 Here Chris is checking to ensure the bracket is equidistant.

08 A torque wrench is being used to tighten the bracket mounting bolts to 15 lb-ft using a cross pattern to ensure even tightening.

09 Place a small dab of oil on the caster stud threads and install a wheel caster in the left side bent bracket.

10 Using the ¾-inch wrench turn the caster all the way in until it bottoms.

11 Go to the opposite side and install the other wheel caster.

12 Remove the barrels or jackstands, place the safety bar at its highest position (lift all the way up), and allow the square tube component to contact the floor surface. Then adjust the caster position so as to lift the square tube off of the floor surface making the wheels come in contact with the floor.

13 Adjust both casters so each carries an equal load. When adjusted properly, the only time the wheels will touch the floor is when the lift is all the way up and the safety bar locked into position.

14 In the raised position, the Handy Lift can be wheeled about very easily, even with a bike loaded. Here, it is being tested without a load.

15 When the lift is in the lowered position, the square tube pivots to move the wheel casters up and away from the floor.

16 The Handy Lift can be conveniently moved about on the large, wide steering wheels of the Jims Lift Caddy with or without a motorcycle loaded.






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