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"Baggers", June 1, 2012

Buttastic Seating

Mustang Seat Install

WORDS: Jeff G. Holt

PHOTO: Jeff G. Holt

We love the looks of our H-D sundowner seat, but its shape is not going to be too good for the upcoming long-distance tour we are about to embark on. We need a seat with plenty of booty and back support for when we peel off the big miles. We also want something modular in case we come across a pretty lady who may want to hop on as well. We found what we were looking for in the form of the Mustang Wide Smooth Solo with Driver Backrest ($495). It is a greatly contoured, 15-inch-wide solo seat that features a nose narrower than stock and a removable backrest. The backrest receptacle is securely welded to a 16-gauge steel baseplate for ultimate strength.

For passenger comfort we went with a Recessed Rear Seat ($205) that is 13½ inches wide. It attached with supplied docking hardware and is recessed to allow for movement of the driver backrest. Watch along as we install one on our bike hours before takeoff.

01 The H-D Sundowner seat has served us well around town and on short trips, but we wanted to upgrade for the big miles.

02 With a single bolt, off goes the H-D seat.

03 As you can see the Mustang setup has a larger seating area to soak up those ling miles in the saddle.

04 The Mustang fender bib is the first to go on. It both protects the fender and adds a nice touch when the passenger seat is not on the bike.

05 The new Mustang solo seat slides into the stock location on the frame.

06 The rear of the solo seat is held down with these two nuts.

07 The nuts also act as the front mounts for the passenger pad.

08 The rear fender seat mount now acts to secure the passenger pad to the fender.

09 The included backrest was slid into the solo seat channel and secured.

10 Adjustments to the backrest can easily be made with Mustang’s finger screw.

11 And there it is, a versatile seating set up with a ton of comfort, choices, and good looks.




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