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"Baggers", June 1, 2012




Brian Fuller is a man of many talents. He’s an artist, a car and chopper builder, clothing designer, and now he can add accomplished bagger builder to his list.

Growing up just outside of Dallas, Brian honed his craft at an early age chopping up bicycles and hot-rodding cars. At age 17 Brian went to college for biology and after graduating he found himself wanting to shuck the lab coat and get back to customizing bikes and cars. Brian then enrolled in Wyo Tech and gained a higher education in street rods and metal fabrication. Fresh out of trade school Brian got a job at the legendary So Cal Speed Shop and then did a stint working with Chip at Foose Design. Brian then spent some face time on cable TV’s Overhaulin’ and Biker Build-off then shoved off to Georgia to do his own thing under the Fuller Hot Rods moniker.

Brian Fuller’s designs are a high-tech nod to a past filled with pre-war visions and his fabrication is second to none. We love being able to show you an unadulterated pictorial of a Fuller-built bike dubbed “Bag Dad” because it is a real eyeful.

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