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"Baggers", June 1, 2012


COMPILED BY: Baggers Staff

Ticked Off


I love the magazine. I’ve been an avid reader since the beginning, first off the newsstand and as a Christmas gift about 4 years ago by subscription. As a matter of fact I just renewed for 4 more last week. Also I was lucky enough to have my pic in a issue of Baggers last fall. I wait each month for Baggers to arrive so I have something new and fresh to read. That was up until I got the January issue. Why do you find it necessary to have articles about Japan China Etc? Some of us don’t want to read about the Japanese and Chinese riding. Why don’t you do articles about our National Treasures right here in the GOOD OLD USA? Lets say a series of National Park visits, Maybe light house tours of the east coast, Maybe contact some Harley Owners Groups and having them do a article. That would get their chapter name out. Maybe contact HOG themselves and have them do an article or two a year? Maybe you and them might gain “members” / Buyers? Even articles about a major city in the GOOD OLD USA! Don’t we have enough of their crap stuffed in our faces on the daily news?

James Matusek

Scranton, Pennsylvania

Rob’s 2 Cents

Not used to writing to a mag, but sinceI’m a subscriber you need to know what I do and do not like to see in the mag.

DON’T LIKE: Rides in foreign countries. I did not know they rode H-D’s in China and don’t care. I’m never going there but I do ride in the US. I don’t even bother to read these articles but read the rest of the mag cover to cover. Don’t really care to see what someone did to a brand new $20,000 bike with another $15,000 thrown at it. I Prefer to see what the local shops and weekenders can do to their existing bike, on a realistic budget. I cannot afford to buy my way into the “boutique HD” lifestyle and don’t care for those that do. Don’t like seeing a lot of god-awful creations that claim to be motorcycles.

LIKE: Seeing all of the new products in the mag each issue. I get a lot of ideas here. I like to see simple upgrades and additions that make a difference. I like to see comparisons, such as a side-by-side comparison of breathers and the difference each does to a stock bike, including cost comparisons. I like the tech portion of the mag. I like pictures of rallys and riders. I like to see items that make sense, like a good affordable pair of riding boots.

I feel like I am typical of your audience, but maybe not. I ride a 2004 FLHTCI. I spend money to keep the bike up, in tip-top shape. I spend money on upgrades as needed. It has to enhance either the performance of the bike, the longevity of the bike, or the riding experience. I research and think a long time before spending my money, so it has to make sense to me before I do. I like your mag but it tends to drift sometimes. As they say, my opinion and $1.50 will buy you a coffee.


Rome, Georgia

Pretty Ugly

Nothing proves the old adage, “You can’t polish a turd” better than the Victory Vision. Wow - that is one ugly motorcycle. No amount of artistic talent from Arlen Ness can save that hideous machine. As a proud American I am grateful to see that they are made here in the USA but feel a little sorry for the Japanese who have been the undisputed champions of crafting horrible looking bikes for decades. A grateful nation salutes you for focusing primarily on HD motorcycles.

Pat Omeara

Minneapolis, Minnesota


I read with great interest the March 2012 Letters From the Road in support of the September issue’s pink bike cover. As a woman who has spent the better part of two years customizing and transforming her 2008 Softail Deluxe into a trophy-winning breast cancer awareness bagger, I want to let you know that while the bike gets great comments from women, it gets even more compliments from men. Men who understand and appreciate the planning and work that goes into creating a custom bike. Men who aren’t threatened by a mere color. Men who look at the entirety of the bike, appreciating all the detail and really digging that a woman gets into customizing her ride.

But most of all, men who shake my hand in gratefulness for the symbol of hope and care, all while sharing their wife’s/mother’s/daughter’s breast cancer story.

I feel good that my bike makes others feel hope and that it represents such a worthy cause that has affected so many. And I’m proud to be part of a movement of women riders who are customizing their bikes into works of art of their own expression. Isn’t that what making a bike your own is all about?

Peg Martin

Townsend, Massachusetts

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