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"Baggers", June 1, 2012


PHOTO: Jeff G. Holt

Not a household name in the world of bagger riders, the German company Shuberth has been making skid lids for more than 70 years and has come to conquer the American helmet market with a simple-looking flip-up helmet that’s jam-packed with features.

I was told that the C3 Helmet has had no expenses spared in the “safety first” design and manufacturing of it. The fit and finish are exquisite and the price tag of $699 shows it as well.

The C3 is built with the aid of Shuberth’s own wind tunnel and has a no-frills all-business outer shell. Inside, the C3 Helmet has an easily removable anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic microfiber lining that makes it easy to pop out and clean.

I have been riding this helmet for quite some time now and I can tell you it has a simple-yet-effective design. The shape I found is perfect for us round-headed Americans, whereas some of the Asian helmets don’t fit our heads very well.

The helmet shows little to no buffeting even past 100 mph. It drinks in air through its only two vents, proving that placement of the vents is key, not the amount of them. Also, it’s one of the most quiet helmets I have ever ridden with, which is very peculiar since it’s a flip-up design and every other one I have ridden so far is noisy as hell. The shield has a double Pinlock visor, which I found fog-free no matter what the outside weather was. The C3 also has a built-in retractable smoked sun visor, so no shield swapping was ever needed. Can you say best of both worlds?

I also opted for the $399 Schuberth Rider Communication System (SRC) that contains a fully integrated Bluetooth communication system based on the Cardo G4. The reconfigured system resides in a replacement neck collar that took less than 15 minutes to install and have up and running. Yet again this is a well-designed piece that works flawlessly and looks much better than a box hanging off the side of the helmet.

This my friends is the Maybach of helmets and for my head, its worth every dime of the $1,000 I spent on it. For more info, check out shuberth.com.

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