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"Baggers", December 1, 2012


If you do serious motorcycle touring you will inevitably find yourself in unexpected weather conditions. Conditions that for some mean calling it quits and getting a room, but not me, especially not on a 2012 Cross Country Tour (CCT). Heated grips and seats end the suffering of an evening chill and the hard lowers fulfill the function of allowing cooling ventilation when the temp heats up. Victory’s Comfort Control System allows complete protection during inclement weather or offers full-on ventilation on warmer days. Easily accessed while riding, you control how much airflow you do or do not want. Plus the small faring defectors are brilliant; it’s absolutely amazing what a difference the Comfort Control system makes.

I’ve never had issue with Victory brakes, but must admit when I am on a bike with ABS there is a level of confidence that allows me to better relax on extended rides. If a moose pops out and I need to lock it up on a rainy road, my chances of going down are exponentially lower. The CCT also features a taller windscreen and is very effective for both rider and passenger. Cockpit turbulence is greatly reduced because of its vented design eliminating the negative pressure normally associated with non-vented windscreens. Its height without a doubt reduces wind turbulence dramatically. If you want a smaller windscreen, an optional Klock Werks Flare windshield is available that falls right in between the smaller Cross Country Flip and the standard Tall windshield, Victory PN 287883.

The plush passenger seat has it own heat control and the backrest is comfortably contoured plus Victory offers optional armrests (with cup holders). The passenger floorboards are height-adjustable and did I mention the saddlebags host 41.1 gallons of storage capacity? It’s the largest storage capacity of any touring bike and if she needs more, an optional luggage rack mounts on top of the tour pack. The air adjustable ride allows for a smooth ride alleviating the butt aches of a thousand bumps and shocks allowing 4.7 inches of real suspension travel. The CCT has a Gross Vehicle Weight rating (GVWR) of 1,360 pounds. Subtract its wet weight and it offers 492 pounds of load capacity, wow. With passenger speakers and an iPod connector, what more could you ask for? Well a cappuccino maker would be nice. Owning a Victory motorcycle means riding modern design and technology, which in this model equates to a smooth Freedom 106ci engine, six-speed tranny, 5.8-gallon tank, and cruise control. The CCT lays down the gauntlet for you and your significant other putting distance motorcycle touring at top of both your agendas. victorymotorcycles.com

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