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"Baggers", December 1, 2012


CONTACT: Crystalpier.com

HOURS: Open 7 to 7 (or sunset) for visitors, 24 hours a day for those staying in the pier motel.

FACILITIES: Restrooms, one cleaning station, some benches, and limited night lighting.

RESTAURANTS: Many within walking distance of the pier.

PARKING: Very limited unless you’re staying on the pier. Metered parking is available on the side street at the foot of the pier if you can find it. Do not park in the nearby parking lots that have posted warnings — they mean it and will not hesitate to have your car towed away. During the summer when the beach is crowded, finding parking can be nearly impossible during the day.

HOW TO GET THERE: Take I-5 to Garnet Ave. then take Garnet to the foot of the pier.

RATES: Accommodations range from $165 for two to $500 a night for six people. Cottage B is $285 (weekdays). The way I see it, a ticket to Disneyland is more than a hundred bucks a person and once inside, Mickey’s squeezing your wallet while Minnie is picking your pocket. Crystal Pier is an E Ticket ride in paradise.

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