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"Baggers", December 1, 2012



WORDS: Kris Poff

MODEL: Eva Lovia

PHOTO: Mike Mancini

Few things please my ears more than the scream of a sportbike revving above 10,000 RPM. Like some others, I didn’t begin riding a throaty V-twin but a high revving, nimble, and fast sportbike. Sure, I had a love for Harley-Davidsons but I was in my 20s, I wanted speed, and I wanted power. That’s the school Munir Hardy attended as well. “I’m an old-school streetbike grudge racer now giving up the race bikes for cruising on Harleys,” Munir commented when I spoke with him. While I lacked the fortitude to scream down a quarter-mile in nine seconds at more than 140 mph, Munir has made that trip repeatedly and as what happens to many of us as we age, his priorities changed.

Just because one gets a year older or wants to slow down does that mean so does the competitive drive. As Munir’s friends began their transition to lower-revving, ground-thumping cruisers, the lust to still be badass remained. “A few of my buddies had gotten Harleys and stopped racing, so it was time I joined them since I couldn’t beat them on the street anymore,” Munir stated. Well maybe it wasn’t so much that he couldn’t beat them as it was that they wouldn’t race him. So as the old saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. But being the competitive person he is, Munir didn’t just want to join them aboard a stock Harley, he wanted to join them and beat them at their new game. This was all part of his two-wheeled plan to show up at Myrtle Beach Bike Week with his sick green 2008 Street Glide and leave his buddies in awe wondering when in the hell he had converted to the Harley dark side. Well, he did it!

Located about 100 miles from Myrtle Beach sits CamTech Custom Baggers in Summerville, South Carolina. The shop churns out long and low two-wheel bagged delights that border the line of motorcycle porn. Holding six Bagger Nation awards in one year alone and numerous First and Second place awards throughout the East Coast is a testament to CamTech’s skills and attention to detail. This green machine is the handy work of Josh Zak and Shane Phillips of CamTech and is sure to add to their lineup of award winners. This bike not only surpassed Munir’s expectations but it also floored his friends when it commanded attention in Myrtle Beach.

What started out as a stock ’08 Street Glide was turned into an eye-popping piece of rolling art. Munir, having been a racer, managed to retain some of his racing background in this bike. The two obvious visual stimulants are the paint and tall front wheel. Called “synergy” green, this bike’s paint still looks wet and seems better suited on a stretched drag bike blurring down 1,320 feet of asphalt, but CamTech married the green to the black accents beautifully. Next, tucked under the Fat Katz front fender sits a huge 26-inch Metalsport Nitrous II wheel which, with a name like that, reminds me of a 2-foot shot of purged laughing gas. As if that isn’t enough, CamTech tossed the factory front fairing for their own; aptly named Pro Mod fairing.

As you work your way back you’re greeted with a smooth flowing gas tank blending into CamTech’s Flared Side Covers. Stretched CamTech bags were mounted on both sides of the stretched CamTech rear fender named, not surprising, Pro Stock. For a clean look, the only things seen from behind are the tips of the Thunder Header exhaust and the Paul Yaffe taillights.

Besides visual appeal, Munir says that his other favorite aspect of the bike is the stereo. Trading nine seconds of adrenaline pumping, gear shifting for smooth and steady cruising could have been shocking for some but Shane of CamTech wasn’t going to let that happen. Stuffed in the dash is an Alpine head unit connected to not one, but two JL Audio amps. Those amps feed two 10-inch and four 6.5-inch speakers all the power they need to entertain Munir during his rides.

Munir wanted to shock his buddies at Myrtle Beach Bike Week, and I’m sure it was mission accomplished for him. When speaking about his buddies, he says, “We are a pretty competitive group of guys so I had to come out swinging a big bat.” I’d say he hit a homerun with that bat thanks to the folks over at CamTech Custom Baggers. Munir’s racing days may be over but his competitive drive continues at break-neck speeds.

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