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"Baggers", December 1, 2012


COMPILED BY: Baggers Staff

On Guard!

Hi guys, I love your mag. The articles, new parts, and tech installs are great. In the September 2012 issue I really liked Giovanni’s Radical Root Beer Bagger. It was awesome! Is it possible to find out where the front engine guard came from? Keep up the great work.

Bob Tino

Lakeland, Florida

Bob, thanks for the email. You’ve got a keen eye. Many people might overlook the engine guard, but apparently you know exactly what you need. That is the Ergo Plus Engine Guard from Küryakyn. Not sure if you noticed or not but the guard has built-in footpegs that flip out to give you yet another place to stretch out your legs on those long rides. The engine guard is available in chrome or black.

Ad it Up


I just finished the September 2012 issue and it didn’t take long due to advertising content — 122 pages total, 73 full or half-page ads. I know advertising puts food on your table and Harleys in your garage but I am tired of subscribing to advertising. I know the low price ($1.25 per issue) is minimal but I’m just tired of the same old same old.

Don Juan


So let’s see if we understand you correctly, Don Juan. You would rather us forgo eating and having “Harleys in our garage” in favor of a magazine with no ads? Seems reasonable. Wait ... what?!

Family Ride

After watching the History Channel’s series about the famous Hatfield and McCoy family battles taking place in eastern Kentucky and southern West Virginia, we decided to take a family ride touring the history of the feud. My girlfriend, Ariel, and I saddled up on my 2012 Ultra Limited and met up with my parents Larry and Denise on their 2008 Electric Classic and took a tour through history. After visiting the gravesite of William Anderson “Devil Anse” Hatfield and the rest of the Hatfield clan, we fired the big twins over to a little town called Matewan, West Virginia. After walking into the tourism info center we came out with a mind full of knowledge of the area and the feud itself. Continuing our ride and after a few more historical stops, we ended up in Pike County, Kentucky, standing above the final resting place of Randolph McCoy and family. We finished up the day by grabbing some grub and a few hugs and about 200 more miles on the hogs. It was a great ride and awesome to spend time with the family.


Chad Howell

Via email

From the Upstairs Neighbor

Baggers crew,

I’ve been with the Harley gang for just about 30 years. I just got home from a 4,500-mile tour through the Dakotas, Wyoming, Colorado, the four corners, and back up through Utah. Growing up on the farm up here in Canada, the old man stressed, “Buy from the states.” He had an explicative for offshore products, but you can’t print that one. So I did buy USA. I rode my first Shovel for 15 years and put 107,000 miles on it. Back then you didn’t get out of town unless you were handy with wrenches. I’ve watched this Harley thing progress through the years and it’s great for the company but now I find that most of the products are made offshore. And it’s not just Harley, it’s farm machinery, automobiles; every darn thing. I’m not politically motivated, I’m just tired of meeting people who ask me for money because they have lost their job and are on an exodus to hopefully greener pastures. We, both Canada and the US, have to get some of this manufacturing back and get people back to work and taking pride in what we make. Don’t get me wrong, I love your country and its people, but it saddens me to see people who have lost pretty much everything. I enjoy your magazine, your country, and its people. I won’t ride anything different.

Take care,

Mr. and Mrs. Breeze

Via email


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BM: Monday Caption Contest

Mark Masker: I hear the ancient bike builders used to use the whole buffalo.

Julie Carbaugh: You’ve heard of cross-pollination...This is much, much harder.

Tim Hardy: Jump on the hide ‘n’ go 4 a ride!!!

Tim Reimer: Babe, quit complaining, you only slid off twice today, I can see Sturgis from here.

Ryan Smith: “...And then that damn buffalo stopped right in front of me!”

Gregory S Daniel: hittin’ a deer in Iowa aint shit. I drove this right up his ass!

Dale Burke: Where am I from? Buffalo of course.

Shannon Cole: Ride hide, ride hard!

Jeff Hill: I think your bike is only running on one buffalo.

BM: What’s your next purchase for your bike going to be? Bars, pipes, seat, wheels, bike nuts? All of the above? Which kind/brand? EE

Don Creech: Extra driving lights and a nice luggage rack for my street glide.

Em Cee Iomc: Exhaust from Witchdoctors for my Cross Country.

Mike Calabro: Gas. 92 octane. Most likely from Shell.

James Hiltunen: A big bore kit and cam gear drive for my ‘06 Road King

John Suttle: CycleSmiths’ banana boards 21 inch.

Bryan Spencer: I’m thinking a full build from Glenndyne Design is in order

Kent Meacham: I’m looking on Ron Simms’ web page.......thinking his bags and some other swag.

Kevin Martin: Just did 2 dimes in the boot, and new 54’s in the fairing, 6.5’s in the lowers. AKA, Two 10 inch subs in the bags, 6X9’s in the fairing, plus two 6.5’s in the lowers. All Focal!!!!!

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