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"Baggers", December 1, 2012


Growing up on dirt bikes, I was immediately interested in Icon’s Elsinore Boot ($230), also from the One Thousand Chapter line of gear. Apparently Icon is fond of motocross, too; it’s pretty evident with this boot design; kudos to Icon for releasing a great motocross-style boot for all motorcyclists to appreciate.

Made from top-grain leather, the boot’s upper portion measures 12 inches tall and is lined with five motocross-style buckles to adjust to varying riders’ leg dimensions. Plus, they just look cool. On the other side of the leather-upper is a zippered medial entry zipper that was designed after paratrooper jump boots. Yep, you read that right ... paratrooper boots! The meat of the Elsinore’s sole features a stamped metal heel plate and internal steel shank made for the roughest of rides. The Elsinore is available in Johnny Black (pictured) and Oiled Brown in sizes 8-14.

After sliding the Elsinores on–it took a little elbow grease to get there–but once my hoof was in place, the buckles were easily strapped down and the zipper closed with nary an issue. Taking a stroll around my living room, it’s clear that these are definitely designed after motocross boots, because walking around isn’t necessarily comfortable. However, you’re probably not going to want to take a long stroll after dismounting from your bike. But protection is huge, and I’m a big proponent for boots staying on my feet rather than flying off my feet at the point of the collision should that happen, so I’m willing to overlook the clodhopper feeling in lieu of safety. And as I mentioned earlier, they’re cool. And taking a note from my wife, you can’t compromise comfort for style. JM

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