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"Baggers", December 1, 2012


I might not be able to ride like a motocross dude but at least I can look like one with the Variant Helmet ($280-$370). With its unique and aggressive design, the Variant looks like something you might find the baddies wearing in the upcoming RoboCop reboot. But there is more to this noggin toboggan than just cool looks. It features an advanced composite outer shell comprised of fiberglass, Dyneema, and carbon fiber making for an easy load on your neck muscles. And while the visor may look menacing, it actually serves a couple functions; it helps block the sun and channels air into the intake ports. Outfitted with nine adjustable intake ports up front and several exhaust ports in the rear, the helmet provides lots of ventilation while the removable Hydradry liner helps wick sweat and moisture away. What’s really great about this helmet is the wide field of view that allows for greater peripheral vision as compared to other full-face helmets. The Precision Optics lens gives you a crisp view of the road without distortion and Icon’s FogFree coating on the shield eliminates the dreaded steam bath that tends to build up when riding in cold weather. The visor sticking out does cause some light turbulance at highway speeds, however, I wore the helmet on a 1,500-mile trip and found that the design of the visor and its cut outs helped keep buffeting to a minimum. Icon offers the Variant in an assortment of colors and designs, but none look as cool or sinister as the solid Black Gloss, except for the solid Black Rubatone version, of course. EE

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