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"Baggers", December 1, 2012


If you’ve never had the opportunity to ride through Colorado, then you haven’t lived. That’s especially true during the summer, since Interstate 70 is bustling with adventure-seeking mountain bikers looking for the adrenaline rush through the Rockies, or the whitewater rafting pleasure-seekers that like to mix it up throughout the Colorado River’s rapids. Whatever your pleasure, I-70 offers a smorgasbord of adventure. For me, riding a motorcycle, be it off-road or the largest bagger you can shake a stick at, is how I get my kicks.

Sure, I-70 is great, but all the different arteries that stem from the main vein are even more picturesque, which makes it hard to determine which route should get your attention being that there are so damn many great rides. If I had the chance to do it, I’d spend a month riding through the state alone (now that’s an idea ... do you think the execs would approve the budget?).

Of course, living in the digital age we forget to rely on our intuitive sense of direction, as well as the enjoyment we gain from aimlessly wandering, moseying about on our motorbikes. It’s fun to get lost, right — as long as you’re not in danger of running out of fuel in the middle of the night only to have your face eaten off by a pack of wild beasts, let’s just say bears in this case (or wolves, whatever you’re most afraid of, insert it here). That wouldn’t be much fun now would it? I know what you’re thinking, “That dude’s seen way too many movies.” But there’s no harm getting lost as long as you’re mentally prepared for it, and of course you’ve DVR’d plenty of Man vs. Wild with Bear Grylls. Then you’re probably OK. In retrospect, some of my fondest memories were rides where I ended up completely turned around, with no knowledge of which way was up, down, east, west, etc. I always seemed to find my way without getting my face eaten off.

Solely relying on Google Maps, MapQuest, or whatever other navigational app or website that’s aided you in getting from A to B is a great way to desensitize yourself from reality. Plus, technology can sometimes fail. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Google Maps app. I use it all the time around town, when I’m running late or whenever my wife has provided the directions (you always need a backup, right?), but switching it up a bit is always a good idea.

On my recent trip home from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, I rode through Colorado the old-school way: by using a map. Not just any map, an incredibly user-friendly, weatherproof Butler Map invented by motorcyclists for motorcyclists that provides detailed routes throughout many great states and regions in the United States, and in this case, Colorado. Broken down into categories, skill levels, climates by region, motorcycle-type specific routes, and much more, the Butler Maps provide plenty of great detail for you to really escape daily sensory overload. Plus, you never know when your phone’s going to run out of bars in the mountains, and a map is a great way to avoid your face from being eaten completely off your head. Visit butlermaps.com for more information.


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