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Mitsubishi i-MiEV

The future, according to Mitsubishi.


Remember the days of all-wheel-drive VR4s, twin-turbo 3000GTs, and wild, rally-bred Evolution models? Those all helped define Mitsubishi’s identity years ago, but no more. The i-MiEV, which debuted stateside in 2012, is the company’s first step toward rolling its electrification scheme across its global portfolio. The i-MiEV is small, yet its cabin offers a surprising amount of room for four passengers. Apart from the eerie lack of engine noise, the i drives like most other subcompact hatchbacks. Its light steering and tiny frame are boons in urban gridlock; cruising at highway speeds produces more wind noise, a somewhat nervous ride quality, and a decrease in total range. Mitsubishi says the lithium-ion battery pack provides 85 miles of travel on a single charge. With a 120-volt supply, a full charge should take twenty-two hours. Upgrade to an optional 240-volt charger, and that time drops to six hours. A Level 3 connector for quick charging (an 80-percent charge takes only thirty minutes) is an option, but few such stations are installed across the country. With a pretax rebate MSRP of $29,000, the i-MiEV is one of the less-expensive EVs on the market, but the increased range and sophistication offered by other EVs — notably, the Nissan Leaf and the Ford Focus EV — might be worth a $6000-to-$7000 premium.


Chevrolet Volt

Ford Focus Electric

Honda Fit EV

Nissan Leaf

new for 2013

The i is now available nationwide.


Front, side, and side curtain air bags; ABS; stability and traction control; and tire-pressure monitoring are standard, as is a system that warns pedestrians of the vehicle’s movement.

High Mileage


CITY 126

HWY 99


No gas needed

Surprising interior space

Limited range


Lengthy charge times

Skittish highway ride

Base price range: $29,975–$32,825


DRIVE: Rear-wheel


BODY STYLE: Coupe, 4-passenger

MOTOR: AC synchronous, 66 hp, 145 lb-ft; lithium-ion battery, 16 kWh, 330-volt

TRANSMISSION: 1 fixed reduction gear


CARGO SPACE: 13.0 cu ft

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